Wellness connections and coaching support services...

Well-being is a whole lot more that your BMI. Wellness is the whole you: mind + body + spirit. 

Well-being is not a destination, rather a mode of travel.

The elusive “work-life balance” is a significant challenge, even laughable at times, especially for working parents. 

In today's world of technology, the 24-hour news cycle, a never-ending stream of social media, workplace mergers, acquisitions and efficiency models, there is often a human side of health that is overlooked. 

We live in a culture of BUSYNESS, therefore, an investment in personal growth and development through authentic interpersonal connections is now more important than ever. 

Emotionally well individuals (leaders, employees, family members...all of us for that matter) are better able to navigate daily endeavors and remain resilient during times of stress and challenge. 

Fostering a culture where individual contributors feel supported, heard and connected to one another is vitally important for a successful organization.

Teams comprised of members who are optimistic, well rested, present and engaged can create an amplifying effect that is contagious and beneficial to all!

I look forward to working with you on your wellness journey.

I am a trained facilitator for the following services:

  • Personal Development:

  • Support for Working Parents

  • Team Building and Leadership Development